Affordable Computer Services provides most IT related services for small or medium business and home office networks.

Computer Repairs and Support

Affordable Computer Services provides expert, timely, affordable onsite computer service and repairs. We come to you. You can trust us to give an honest assessment of the problem and fix it.

New Computers and Upgrading

Affordable Computer Services custom designs and builds your new computer or helps you with the best solutions to upgrade your existing system. We also provide all peripherals such as printers, scanners and USB/FireWire Hard Drives.


Affordable Computer Services provides expert solutions for your networking needs. We can help you out the next time your network goes down or just tweak your existing network to work more effectively. We can also improve your existing network infrastructure, or custom design and build a new network from the ground up.

Web Design and Hosting

Affordable Computer Services offer Web Design providing content and layout planning as well as deployment to your respective ISP or domain hosting service.

Data Backup and Recovery

Affordable Computer Services can help set up your computers to avoid data loss and help recover lost data through hardware failure or accidental deletion. Of course sometimes data is permanently lost, so getting your system operational again and preventing the same failure reoccurring is vital.

Service and Maintenance

Affordable Computer Services provides ongoing support contracts at a variety of levels. We totally look after your computer systems with regular checkups and preventive maintenance to keep them performing at their best.

Security and Viruses

Affordable Computer Services can make sure your computer is virus and spyware free and safe from future attacks. We can also educate and where possible notify you of potential threats to your systems.

Creation of a Standard Operating Environment (SOE)

These days it can be a difficult to maintain a stable "business only" orientated network. Affordable Computer Services can create and lock your desktop environment to make it difficult for anyone to alter or add anything without your approval. This desktop environment can then be used as a template for all of the desktops in your business.

Consultancy and Project Management

Affordable Computer Services can oversee your network rollout or organise the necessary contractors for cabling, etc. We don't necessarily have to be asked to do the work, but can be a third party acting as a non partial entity. Affordable Computer Services can be there to assist you in the decision process or advise you what your network requirements should be or where your network infrastructure needs to develop for your current needs and the expected needs in the future.




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